Your 1 stop Dealer to Dealer Online Auction and Vehicle Management System. Specialising in online auctions and digital vehicle valuation software.

Bikewise are the importers and distributors of premium quality accessories to the motorcycle industry. has successfully created one of the most effective online used car marketing websites in South Africa, with service offerings based on end-user convenience.

CMS focuses on delivering tailored and Automotive Industry specific software solutions for Desktop and Mobile.

The CMS HR solution is one of the many applications that will help your business manage your staff.

DataDot Technology SA has pioneered microdot technology in South Africa. We maintain a database of these units to be easily used by police services both locally and internationally.

Graffiti is one of the leading vehicle branding and truck tarpaulin manufacturers in South Africa.

HR Solutions for Tomorrow provides clients with innovative, cutting edge and world-class services in the field of Human Resources.

1Huddle is a new workforce programme that delivers training to your employees through Gamification, via Android and iOS devices.

Kawasaki Motors South Africa (KMSA) have been the official importers of Kawasaki motorcycles, jet skis and all-terrain vehicles for over 40 years.

SYM is the international manufacturer of SYM motorcycles and scooters. KMSA are the official importers and distributors in South Africa.

Lereko Captivate is an effective partner in the procurement of all vehicle-related products in South Africa and is proudly Lereko Investment (Pty) Ltd company.

Market Dealer Holdings offers a unique set of services that produces a very powerful and effective online platform enabling dealerships to grow in the digital marketing arena.

Orange Owl specialises in vehicle safety products and was developed with a motive to introduce pioneering products to the South African automotive industry.

The Oyster allows you to pinpoint the location of your non-powered exposed assets with a cellular GPS tracking device.

VehicleFacts has been established to provide consumers and dealers with vital information related to the vehicle that they are selling or buying.

WePay4Cars acts as a link between Sellers and a large pool of Buyers on an easy to use website.

MotoData connects key role players, stakeholders and consumers in the South African Motor Industry.

The LeaseTracker is a cloud based system which allows you to manage your leases and comply with the latest leasing accounting standards.

We at LOR Technologies (Pty) Ltd wanted to create a mechanism that will treat buyers the same in the digital world as what you would treat any buyer in the physical world.