Meet Our Coordinating Team

Nicholas De Canha
Chief Operations Officer

Nicholas De Canha has extensive experience within the local and international Motor and Service industries. Positions previously occupied include MD of Renault South Africa, Senior Executive for Nissan Africa, Mitsubishi, Tata South Africa and Daihatsu South Africa.

Nicholas was also involved in the strategic development of Motor Dealerships and Related Businesses. Nicholas has a PhD in Marketing.

Manny De Canha
Chief Executive Officer

Manny started the importation and distribution of vehicles and related products in Southern Africa. He successfully managed the exclusive importation and distribution of Hyundai, Renault, Kia, Mitsubishi, Tata and other brands which was the largest vehicle importer in the Southern hemisphere.

He then created Liquid Capital which is the second-largest motor financial services group in Southern Africa.

Alan Ross
Sales Directore: 1Huddle

Alan Ross has extensive experience in the importation and distribution of motor vehicles. He previously occupied the positions of Hyundai SA CEO from 2000 to 2016, and CEO of Daihatsu.

He was also the CEO of Tide Water Transportation SA which oversaw the logistics of a variety of goods. Alan also has extensive experience in the insurance industry.

Liske Le Roux
Chief Financial Officer

Liske is responsible for the overall financial strategy and direction of the C2 Group. Within finance, she guides the treasury, accounting, tax, and certain operational functions to pursue the company’s growth strategy.

Prior to joining C2, Liske held the Group Financial Manager role with the Bingo Vision Group and Senior Head Office Accountant at Associated Motor Holdings Group.

Serisha Mark
Human Resources

Serisha Mark is the Payroll and HR Administrator for C2 Group.

She has a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Human Resource Management and started in February 2015 with Graffiti Designs, moving over to C2 Group from the 1st of May 2017.




Carike Pretorius
Financial Accountant

Carike Pretorius is the Group Financial Accountant of C2 Group. She has her Honours in BCom Accounting and completed her articles in 2011.

Carike joined the group in October 2014 as an accountant with Associated Motor Holdings, and started working for C2 in May 2017.



Phonnie Cilliers
Operations Officer:Orange Owl, Bid4Cars and 1Huddle

Phonnie has over 30 years of experience in the motor importer and dealership industry. Phonnie is a former Tata Africa CEO and Renault South Africa Executive.

Before joining the motor industry Phonnie was involved in education and has a passion for training. Phonnie has extensive knowledge and experience in the motor trade and understands all the requirements for you to perform well in the industry.